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Supervision: With Quality and Ethics for All is a Course

Supervision: With Quality and Ethics for All

Started Sep 18, 2020
2 credits

$25 Enroll

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Supervision and mentorship entwine together to form the backbone of our profession.  Whether it be basic CEU requirements, more in-depth training, or mentoring others, the input of dedicated, seasoned veterans helps to shape the future of new professionals, and the profession of speech-language pathology, as well.  ASHA has long required supervision at many levels in the training process for this very reason.  Supervisors forever impact who we will become, both positively and negatively.  In our personal journeys, many of us have been the recipients of outstanding supervision and/or mentorship.  Unfortunately, many would also say they had very unfortunate leadership, which may have rattled not only their confidence, but competence.  What are the rules?  What is required/acceptable, per ASHA standards?  How do we as supervisors balance the regulations with our own professional requirements/standards/life – and then still maintain our sanity?!  We want to deliver the highest quality of care not only to our clients, but those we supervise as well.  ASHA recognizes this challenge, and so has instigated a required 2 hours of training in order to supervise. 

This session will present supervisory requirements for each level of supervision (SLP-Assistants, graduate students, and CFs).  Additionally, direction in terms of how to count supervisees’ hours as well as log our own supervisory hour requirements, will be provided.  Tips for establishing positive and constructive relationships between supervisors and supervisees will also be shared.  Finally, case examples will further serve to assist in clarifying the navigation of this potentially bumpy road. ASHA requires that we provide the highest quality of care to our clients.  As supervisors, we have the opportunity to not only impact the clients on our current caseload, but future clients served by our profession, and the lives of upcoming clinicians as well.  What an exciting opportunity to positively impact the world in which we live!

*This CE will satisfy ASHA’s supervision AND/OR ethics requirement.